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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Times...

As my precious husband says - "Abigail brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined!" We are truly blessed to have a happy, healthy and beautiful daughter.

28 week pictures...i don't think so mama - let me show you my big lip.

hi mama - let me tell you how much i love you! well that is what my mama wants to think.

my first time to the swimming pool with my friend - beck. we love swim lessons. i can hold my breath for 4 seconds!

what mama - did you need something? i love to play!

mama come play with me! i am holding my favorite toy - the grasshopper...

i am so precious! i can't do anything wrong even if i don't sleep at all!

hi beck, let me tell you something. why do our mama's make us wear things on our head?

i love to play with my food, but i don't like to eat it!

what am i doing something wrong? i don't think so.

holding my bottle all on my own for the first time. i am so independent! i love to do things all by myself.
Happy Easter...the E.Bunny came to see me and all he brought was clothes...where are the toys?

Easter Sunday with my uncle George and my cousin George...they don't like me to wear my bows...they think it takes away circulation to my head. it doesn't!!!!
our first family easter picture...i am the only one that looks cute in this picture!!!

my first ever easter egg hunt...what put the eggs in my basket...i want to eat them mom!!!

mom, i am done wearing this bow and done hunting easter eggs - i want my milk!!

look at how i can put my toes in my mouth...when are my teeth going to come in?

excuse me i have something to say...can you come back here? this is my first time to sit in the front of the grocery cart.

i am so sweet! people did think that my mama was crazy when she was taking pictures of me in the front of the store.

mama i think you are crazy and you should stop with the pictures...

yay i am eating something...ok will it lasted all of 2 minutes and then i was done with my teething biscuit.

i am so almost ready to crawl. look at me on all fours!!

come and find me mama! i am hiding under the table!

i love my daddy so much that i don't even want to take a nap when he is home on saturdays!

my first ride on my daddy's shoulders! he is the best daddy in the world. i am not too sure about this shoulder ridding...mama where are you?

7 month pictures...of course my mama put me in my tutu. i love the color pink. my mama really hopes that i will be a girly girl when i get a bit older...

so cute when i smile - just watch i will be a model after all the pictures my mama has taken of me in the first 7 months that i have been here...

just hanging out until my mama has taken 50 pictures of me....