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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How does this work?

I am not really too sure how to do this blogging thing. My friend Lisa talked me into starting a blog. I guess all you are suppose to do is talk about your life...

Billy and I celebrated our first thanksgiving out our home last week. Let me tell you, hosting is a lot harder than it looks. Mom's have this incredible gift to keep going and going and going. My mom and I started cooking at 7am on Thursday morning and we finally finished putting up all the dishes around 5pm, at that time my mom says let's go on a walk. I was on the couch asleep. I had Billy rub my feet because they hurt so badly, and my mom heads out the door for a 2 hour walk. My mom is amazing! It was such an blessing to have both of our families together for Thanksgiving in our home. I am excited for many more family traditions!

I am so super pumped about this weekend, but because I am going to see my besties aka best friends! Kayla & Alicia will be coming in from Houston for our annual Christmas party and I will also get to see Brianne & Lisa. Now that I live in North Richland Hills I do not get to see these girls enough. I know that this weekend will be full of memories.