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Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Outings...oh what fun!

i went to sunday morning church for the first time and i was so good!! i was wide awake when mommy and i walked in...(i didn't walk). i looked at all the bright lights in the church building and almost feel asleep during the last song, but then my daddy got up and started talking and he woke me up. i sat through his whole sermon...he did really great! i just watched him on stage and listened very well. i finally feel asleep during the invitation. this is me at lunch. we meet my aunt, uncle and cousins for lunch and i was very tired!

i am sitting in my bumbo for the first time...i wasn't too excited about it. my head isn't strong enough for me to sit in it just yet, but very soon. i have very good head control!

i went to the new cowboys stadium for the richland high school play-off game. it was very loud in the stadium yet i was still able to fall asleep. my parents love football and i do not understand the sport...i am sure i will get to learn.

just working on my cheerleader moves...go rebels! T T i want a touchdown!!

my first sunday night at church...these are all the babies at church. right to left, summer and beck. beck was born on sept 19, me and mommy (i am so so cute!) meagan and samuel. samuel was born on sept 11, and diane and ella. ella was born on january 26. she is teaching us what we have to look forward too, like teething. :(
my parents and i at church...i didn't make it for daddy's sermon this night.

this is mommy's and daddy's wedding cake. it has been in their freezer for a very long time. they decided to finally eat it so this is documentation. i don't really care!

this is my very first outing with my mommy and daddy...just guess where we went? THE MALL! i did so good shopping! my mommy and i also went to the grocery store last week and that was an adventure. you can't get as much stuff when i am taking up the whole cart...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Fall

It has been another fun week. I got to dress up for Halloween and now that I am a bit more awake my mom plays dress up with me everyday. That is why you will see multiple pictures of me in the same outfit. I have to have a model shot everyday in my outfits. I really don't like them as you will see below, but my mommy loves to take pictures of me so I will tolerate it for now...

Meeting my Great-grandmother and Great-aunt for the first time...they think I look a lot like my daddy.

My great grandmother...I liked talking to her. Look at me just looking at her. I like to look at people more and am able to win lots of staring contests with my mommy.

I am so cute. Look at my precious eyes and my bow might be bigger than my head, but my mom makes me wear a bow at all times...

Ok mommy enough pictures...but isn't my dress so cute! my mom really only lets me wear things that are pink. she tells me that pink is my favorite color, but really i know it is her favorite color.

hello world! look at me moving my hands. i really like to eat my fingers when i get really hungry that is how mommy knows to meet me now. i am a lot like my mommy i get L.B.S. (low blood sugar) when i get hungry and i get angry and scream.

Happy Halloween...this is my friend Jackson Pattillo. He is 4 months old and I am 2 months old. look at how precious we are in our halloween outfits.

Jackson is much better at looking at the camera than i am, but i am so cute it is ok.

Here we are again...i am thinking about smiling, but i am not going too.

ok really mommy how many more...

i am so cute...i could be the cutest baby in the whole world. really i am a humble person but you would not know...

this is me right after my bath...i am not very happy after baths because i get so cold so this is my daddy holding me trying to get me warm.

we were very tired...ok so i only let daddy sleep 20 minutes like this and then i started screaming. i am not sure why i started screaming but i did.

this is my first cardigan from my aunt kj. aren't i so cute. i love this outfit but i have already out grown it and it makes my mommy very very sad.

thanks aunt kj for making me look so cute!!

one more...i am quite annoyed at my mommy at this point because she has taken 20 pictures. you don't think she is obsessed with me or anything?

this is risa. she came to visit me. mommy and her were college roommates at the chi omega house. risa takes good care my my aunt jena in college station now. i was very happy to meet her!

oh look my tail comes off of my halloween mommy thought it was really funny.

look at how handsome my daddy is...i am not so sure about this costume thing, but i will humor my mommy and wear it for a bit.

family photo on halloween...the sun was really bright. i needed my sunglasses...hello mommy where are mine?

this is my first halloween outfit. again i look so happy about dressing up for mommy...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Abigail is so Precious!!!

melanie came to visit me! i wasn't too happy about taking more pictures.
aunt jena missed me so she came to see me when i was 3 weeks old.

this is me thinking about liking my swing at 6 weeks old. aren't i the cutest thing?!?

going on my first walk with my mama and daddy at 3 weeks old. as you can tell i was really excited about it. we went really far just down the street and back. but you have to start slow. today at 7 weeks old my mama and i walked for and hour and half and i slept the whole way.

this is me in my mama's sling. i love being close to my mama.

brianne and kj came to see me for the first time when i was 5 weeks old. i loved meeting them!

me and my mama at 3 weeks. yes my mama and i wear a lot of the same clothes but it is ok because we are at home together.

my favorite place to sleep on my daddy's chest. he is the best at putting me to sleep. he figured out that i really like the sound of running water. don't ask my parents how much their water bill will be...

i am a talker at 5 weeks old. my great grandmother, nanoo is talking to me! i loved hearing her stories.

my daddy put together this swing for me. i like it sometimes. this is me at 4 weeks and now at 7 weeks i really really like the mobel that goes around. i am able to reach out for the lambs.

this is my great grandmother, nanoo. i loved getting to met her. she came to meet me when i was 5 weeks old. nanoo loved holding me and i loved getting to be rocked by her.

this is me and my daddy working. i am a really big help to him when he is working. aren't we so sweet.

this is one of my pictures from my photo shot that mama took of me at 4 weeks. aren't i so pretty in pink. this is one of my mama's favorite outfits for me to wear.

my mommy loves to put bows in my hair! sometimes daddy thinks it is a bit out of control that she puts a bow in my head anytime we leave the house. i love the color pink...ok maybe my mom loves the color pink.
look at my precious smile! this is me smiling at 5 weeks.

hey guys! world i am coming so watch out! do you want to come over and play with me?

billy and i are loving parenthood. yes, it is very hard but so very rewarding. abigail changes and grows each day. she is starting to get some hair in which is fun. she is becoming so much more aware and alert. abigail has started to sleep a little more at night which is very happy for billy and i! i would not change these first two months for anything! i have always wanted to be a mama and being a mama is the best thing in the world.