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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can't Spell...

Know should have been Now...opps!!!


Jena is a Chi Omega! It was so much fun to get to be at her initiation. I have thought about her special day since the day I was initiated.
The very awesome Want-a-Be's. We were asked to help out with the Women's Ministry at our church. Aren't we hot?!?!?!

Billy and I took our niece, nephew, and their friend to the polar express...Isn't Ashley Precious

This is my wonderful husband with George & Presley. Isn't my husband so handsome!!

At Sara Duggan's wedding...Look at my husband...I am so lucky!!!

Our new house...Please come visit us!

Know that I have added some pictures...maybe I can get better at this. This blog thing is fun!

One Month Later...

Once again - It is time for my monthly posting. Billy and I are expecting our first child! God is so good!!! We cannot thank the Lord enough for blessing us with this incredible joy and blessing. We have seen our doctor a twice and things are good. Praise the Lord, as I have not been sick. I have been super tired, not that this would be a shock to anyone. I do go to bed at 8pm. The doctor says that you will not be as tired during your second trimester. But we will see about that! :)

This weekend is our first wedding anniversary and we did not expect to be pregnant. We can not even believe that we have been married a year as it just seems like yesterday we were all in Amarillo for the party!

Our baby is due September 16th. I think it is very fitting because it is after one of the largest tax deadlines. We are not going to find out what we are having, because we are so excited either way! Please keep us in our prayers and we begin this walk of parenthood.

I have been meaning to post pictures and as soon as I get them downloaded off my camera I will post those...