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Sunday, July 25, 2010

some more super cute pictures!!!!

eating my ribbon i got from swim lessons. i am so chill - mama it is so nap time!

oh boy - i can pull myself up in my pack n play!! i am getting so big...

ok daddy get me out of here!! please! how could you say no to this face?

i was so excited to see my best friend evie at church...i like to take her food and sippy cup.

really mama - do we need a picture of me in my hat? i know i am cute in it - but can't we play?

so i will tell you what i am going to do while you take my picture...pull out raggy's hair and

eat it!!! i love to eat things that aren't food.

look at me in my bed...oh it scares my mama to know that i can do this!!

i am being so cute! i think i should be a model for teddy grahams!!

not so sure about those teddy grahams...

ummm - daddy give me some more!! i have the cutest faces ever!

i am so proud of myself pulling myself up on to the coffee table. by the way - we know longer have the coffee table in the living room because i fell too many times and hurt myself.

happy father's day daddy! isn't my daddy the most handsome man ever?!?!?!

i am playing with my new favorite parents bought me all kinds of toys and these are what i want to play with!

no thanks jackson - don't touch me - i will beat you up!!

playing with beck in my abigail jail...that is what my daddy calls it!

first time in the lake...i am not a fan of the life jacket!

ohhh...i love the lake with my mama!!!

umm mama let me tell you something about the water - there better not be any fish eating my feet...

family picture!

driving the boat with opa! i am such a good boat driver!

i am so cool in my shades!! though i would rather eat them!

More Fun Pictures from May...

daddy and i had our first dance together at Susan & Chris' wedding!!!

what a cute family picture!

i love working with daddy!! - fun saturday mornings!!

swim lessons - mama and i are trying to determine what we are doing next...

floating on my back - i am so good at that!

i love to swim...i am able to close my eyes and fall into my mama's arms!!

beck and i at the end of our swim lessons....beck is so happy - i am tried!!

Life Goes Too FAST!!

i love too sing and dance!

i am nine months old and my hair is starting to come in...

like i said i love to sing!

nyc here i come! my first taxi cab ride...i sure do love not having to be in my car seat!!

umm mama i am not in the mood to m&m's will not make me happy!!

hot chocolate anyone? i sure did love it!!

time square...yep i am out! sleeping is so easy in the stroller!!

i am so excited to go to radio city music hall...i love nyc! come on mama let's go!!

i want to be a rockette when i get bigger! i loved crawling all over radio city!

mama took me to the american girl doll store. i love dolls...i wanted to keep sam!!

the today show! daddy was trying to get me on tv!

my mama thinks she is the mama of the year - but clearly i don't care and i am so over taking pictures!

nope - not going to look at the camera! i want to know what is going on... this one lady took my picture because she loved my hair bow...she thought it was the biggest one she had ever seen...

FAO!!! The world's greatest toy store. i think my parents loved FAO more than me.

wow - look at all the legos!

my first trip to the zoo...the sad polar bear. i wasn't too into the zoo at central park.

happy easter...the easter bunny only brought me clothes...come on e.bunny next year bring toys!

first easter egg hunt at beck's house...well i wanted to eat the eggs inside of hunt them.

excuse me - didn't you want to take a picture of me?

i am such a big girl sitting the front of the shopping cart! i love going to the grocery store with my mama now!!
i love my daddy - i am such a daddy's girl...
don't i look just like my daddy - with a bow in my head. :)

another picture to show how much i look like my daddy - here is my lip - i am done taking pictures again!!
my first swimming lessons with my friend beck! we were the best swimmers in our class!!

aren't i the cutest thing since sliced parents sure to think so!!!