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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What? Another Month already passed???

Again, I have waited another month to update the blog. I can't tell you how much fun we have together! Abigail has figured out how to roll over and is rolling non stop. Let me just say that she is really good at helping her mama clean the floor. She is becoming a pro at flying. We went home for Spring Break and she was that baby who screamed on the air plane. :) Now eating that is another story as you will see from the pictures below she likes to wear her food not eat it.

yuck daddy...i don't like that. do you want to see it?

look at how i can raise up! did someone say my name? yep i am right here!!

another picture mom? come on lets get moving!!!

mama what is taking so long? i want to go play! yes i can open my mouth so very wide, but not when my mama is feeding me...i close my lips and won't open up!

hey guys! what is going on? my mama loves this just shows how cute and innocent i am!

well i am 24 weeks today...and i am in my ballet outfit and a really big bow! i am getting ready for my photo shoot. the question is are you guys ready to see my pictures?

yaya! i love pictures! :) ok mama i smiled is it over?

right...who was i kidding that my mama would only take 2 pictures...try 20 pictures. this picture says...wait a minute mama - i am the boss and i have something to say!

yes - i love to talk!! i am also starting to laugh and it is so cute. it just melts my mama's heart!

oooh what is that you are holding mama...can i take and eat it? because that is what i do best find something and put it in my mouth. maybe i could put that camera in my mouth.

ok mama this is my i am about done with this...can you see it in my eyes?

ummm...maybe i will play with my fingers. i love my fingers and my toes well those are so fun to put in my mouth!!

look at me sitting up by myself. i am just so talented!

baby blessing at church. my aunt j came to surprise me! she also wrote a story for me. i am so lucky she is my aunt!

surgery day...really mama do i have to do this?

it is over and i am home. isn't my daddy so handsome. i love him so much! he is my favorite!

mommy can i please have this car. it is so much fun! please mama. how can you say no to this face. can we all say..."i have my daddy and mommy around my finger!"

sup guys? going walking with my parents in my big girl stroller and of course i needed my sunglasses!!

like i said mama - i am not going to eat peas mama. i will not eat them with you, i will not eat them anywhere!!!

i mean really would you want to eat peas? look at them, my daddy says that they look radio active because they are so green.

my first modeling show and well i am not excited about it. no i will not smile for you! don't even beg because i won't do it!

my cousin ashley and i wore the same outfit. aren't we so cute! i love my aunt tami she gets me the best clothes from neimans!!

could someone please tell my mama that my bow is so big that it covers my aunt tami's head. :)

it is march 9, 2009 and i am six months old today. mom is it another photo opportunity? ok fine but only 6 pictures please!!!

yaya! it is my half birthday! where are my presents mama - i am ready to open them!

so so cute! my mama really likes this picture!

my aunt kj - isn't she so pretty and look i really don't have to wear a bow all the time.

carrots - i don't think so mama. look into my eyes...I AM NOT GOING TO EAT THEM!

give me that camera - i am not going to eat carrots but i will get carrot all over your camera mama!