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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

oh how big she has gotten...

i love to dress up...oh wait my mama loves to dress me up. look at this really awesome tutu that my mama got me!! i hope that you enjoy these pictures! because i enjoyed taking everyone of them...ok maybe not, but i am still so cute!!

it has been so long since i have lasted blogged. oh how fast the time goes...i can't believe that it was 2 months ago that i last sat down to update the blog. i must get better at updating. this might be longest entry ever... it could take you a couple of days to look at all the pictures, but it was abigail's first christmas. we just went to the doctor, last wednesday for her four month check up and shots. abigail weighted 14.8 lbs and was 25 inches long. she grew 3 inches and gained 3 pounds in 2 months. she is in the 90% for weight and 95% for length. oh my goodness my baby is getting so big. i can't even stand it...i tell her every night not to grow up. i hope that you are able to start seeing some of her precious personality starting to come out.

alicia & christopher's wedding...susan's first time to meet abigail...she was a bit scared of susan. just kidding susan...she loves you!!
mama no more pictures and no i don't want to go downstairs and meet anyone...let me stay with my mimi and aunt jena! but isn't she so cute!! she is wearing her tutu.

mommy and me...look at my awesome cape. my mimi got it for me in bruge it is hand stitched lace...don't i look like an angel...i am an angel!!!

merry christmas...i was so excited about the wedding that i feel asleep. mama i am serious just let me stay with my mimi, she is so much fun!!

abigail with the davidsons. abigail really like sara! i am trying to look happy mama!

oh snowed and look at what my mom did to me...put me in my really awesome snow suit and took me outside. i am trilled...can't you tell?

i am not sure if i am suppose to be scared or happy that my mom is taking more pictures...

ok really i am not a ugly baby...i am so cute, but this picture you could not tell. this is me with my friend beck, we are 10 days apart.

enough mama...this is my 3 month picture. yay! i am three months. can't you tell i am excited?

my handsome daddy...isn't my hat so precious!

my christmas outfit! i love christmas...

melanie graduated from pa school. we are so proud of her...this is jackson, adrian, melanie, mama and me. i was really into taking pictures this night...ok no i wasn't. my mama and daddy took me to three parties that day and i was so over it.

like i said above i was over the parties...mama get me out of here. i do love my aunt melanie, and she was so excited to see me.

going to get my picture taken with santa. i don't know why my mama and daddy do this to me. they are always taking my picture. i have a mind of my own and i am not going to smile for the camera.

me with santa! ok are we done yet?

christmas eve...oh we tried to go to amarillo at 4:30pm and that was not a smart idea. the roads were awful...we made it 10 miles and then turned around. we have rosas for dinner at my house.

we are so glad we didn't try and go to amarillo...we would have never made it and been stuck in the car all night. thankfully my parents were smart enough to turn around even though they were silly to even try and go in the first place...especially after my daddy cancel the christmas eve service at church.
i am so excited that santa is coming to see me! yay for christmas!!

christmas morning at my house! i was really into the ribbon and not into opening presents...wait i was only 15 weeks...what did you expect mama?

wow my bumbo is way cool and look at me sitting in it. i am such a big girl!!

santa made it to my house even with all the snow! i must really love the color pink!?!?!

i was so excited about santa that i got up at 6am and then it wore me out opening my presents that i went back to sleep! merry christmas!!

we finally made it to amarillo. we actually flew to amarillo and guess what my mama didn't take a single picture. i am not sure what was wrong with here. i did so good on the flight...this is my aunt jena feeding me. i love my mimi's house!

my uncle bubba! it is so much fun...expect everytime he holds me i start to cry. :)

christmas card picture...yep i am excited about this one too!

merry christmas 2009. i love my mama and daddy! aren't we such a cute family!!

four generations. this is my great grandma, my mimi, my aunt jena and my mama. i am trying to look excited for this picture. did it work?
sleeping with my aunt jena! i love her!

my opa! he is the best in the whole world...he talks to me about goodwill impairment...i really like it.
meeting the best hairstyliest in the world...lora brown. i really like her. she is talking to me and telling me all kinds of stories about my mama!

this is bailey...if i lived in amarillo she would be my babysitter! she is the coolest girl ever and i want to be like her when i get older!!

i am playing with my new blocks...ok really i just like to push them onto the ground.

ooooh this thing is cool...can i take it off?

i am such a good singer...i am so smart that i am able to make my dog sing. my favorite song twinkle twinkle little star!

such a great picture! she is breathtaking!!! yes, she looks like her daddy!

my mama gave me rice you can see i got it more on my bid then in my mouth...

no more mama!! i am over the rice!

this is me talking to my mama about her feeding me rice for the first time...

this is me singing my favorite song! i am the coolest thing ever! isn't my voice american idol worthy?