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Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day!

oh what fun abigail is...she is so precious and everyday is a gift!! She loves to watch the olympics with mama and daddy. i think she is going to be a great athlete!!

what mama...did i do something wrong?!? how could you say yes with a face like this?! i am such a pumpkin!!!

look at my daddy and chad trying to build the tallest snowman ever? isn't my daddy so cool?!?

i love snow days! and my snowsuit that my aunt susan got me is so great. who would have thought i would have used it 3 times already in dallas, texas?

we got so much snow that made our trees fall is my daddy trying to save the trees...isn't he so fashionable in his boots?

really mama - i don't like oatmeal...but i will tolerate it for you.

so the snowman my daddy built fell down, this is what is left... i am so trilled to be out in the snow.

i am not going to smile not even one bit...

my daddy loves me so hat is almost covering my head.

mama, i don't want to be a snow angel...the snow is so cold!!!

precious snow angel...i love this picture. we had 12 inches of snow so much fun!!!

again mama, i am not going to smile no matter how much you beg!

my street with so much snow!

just in case you didn't know, but my opa is the big kahuna!! i love him so much!

look i am smiling and am so cute!!!!!!! i had to take a bath in the sink...but it was so much fun with mama and daddy!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another month already passed?!

it has been another fun month. i am so blessed to stay at home with abigail. we are working on learning to eat food and well to take lots of pictures in the same outfit. maybe one day she will smile for my camera. abigail is such a good baby and billy and i are so lucky!!

is food suppose to be in my mouth? please teach my mama how to feed me.

my cousin grey turned 8 years old and i am so excited about it!

i love my aunt tami, she spoils me! i am such a party girl!

my mimi takes such good care of me! i love it when she comes into town.

i am mad at my mama because she isn't holding me. when she doesn't do what i want her to do, i pull her hair.

i am 20 weeks old and my mama cries about it everynight. she doesn't want me to grow up.

look at how big i my flower too big? my mama makes me wear it everyday!

i am bigger than ragady. my mama loves to take pictures of me.

my sweet friend evie. she will turn one on the 12th. she is so precious!

ummm food...i am getting better at putting it in my mouth.

i would rather it my fingers than my rice. my fingers taste so good...well really they don't taste any different than my bland rice.

this is how much i love you mama...this much!!!

come on mama, how many pictures are you going to take.

look at new daddy put together my high chair. i am so excited. actually i really like being in it...i get to roll around to where ever my mama is working and it is really fun.

i am five months old and my new favorite color is purple. wow...look at me raise up.

give me that camera mama...i am done with this!

seriously mama - give it to me.

ok here is a half of a i done now?

last one mama!