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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Really...everyone blogs

I was able to attend a mom conference a few weekends ago and every woman there blogs.   I mean these are awesome women of faith, who have awesome kids and what do they all do...BLOG!  Honestly, I do not know what they all write about, but it is all good stuff. It is stuff people want to read and stuff people are encouraged by.  It is crazy to me.  I just thought blogs were for posting pictures and talking about yourself.  How little I know.  These people also blog EVERYDAY!  I do not know how they do it.  I can't even blog once a week.  

Opa - He has become our favorite person.  Opa told Abigail that whenever we pass a Cowboy Church she has to say "Jesus Loves Cowgirls!!  And she not only say it every time she screams it!

Yes, we ride our big girl bike in our house.  

No really mom, I want to hold her.  Wait, I am done!!

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